Adventure Awaits

Blue Jay on a Branch

Completed August 2019 by Eric Bussart

Visiting the Mural Location

Floor 4 Good

629 Market St, Kingston, PA

This mural is located on the northeast wall in the rear of the Floor 4 Good shop near the intersection of Market Street and Wyoming Avenue in Kingston. Floor 4 Good is a locally owned and operated flooring and carpeting shop. The mural is visible from Wyoming Avenue and the Walgreen’s parking lot. This unique inside corner location allowed the artist to create a subtle perspective illusion in the corner of the wall that makes the branch look like it comes straight across the corner.

Featured Artist: Eric Bussart

“I am a talented Illustrator obsessively pursuing self improvement. While I am based in Scranton, I also freelance in New York and Philadelphia. I genuinely love creating art, and I take the work very seriously. When I am fully immersed in drawing the process becomes meditative. I am constantly striving to push the limits of my abilities. I bring my full professionalism, effort and heart to every job I take, regardless of the client, size or pricing. At the end of the day, my main concern is to create beautiful, skillful and honest illustrations.”

Eric Bussart  

Eric Bussart at Work
Mural Artist Eric Bussart Work on his Adventure Awaits mural.