NEPA Public Art Map Submission

Northeastern Pennsylvania is becoming the stage to a vibrant public art scene. Public art is a broad term covering a range of artworks such as murals and sculptures that are intended to be viewed by the public in an outdoor space. There are well over 100 public artworks across the region, multiple mural arts and public art initiatives, and dozens more artworks popping up each year.

The NEPA Public Art Map is a crowd-sourced map of public artworks across Northeastern Pennsylvania. By completing this form, you can submit an artwork that may be missing from the map. By crowd-sourcing the map, community members can collaboratively curate and produce a regional record of these iconic and ephemeral works of art.

This project is led by the Street Art Society of NEPA (SASNEPA), a grassroots non-profit dedicated to improving the aesthetic, cultural, and investment value of communities in Northeastern Pennsylvania through public art.

Any personal data entered in this form will be used by SASNEPA for project evaluation purposes only. Data will be stored in a password-protected cloud-based WordPress account or on a password-protected computer accessed only by the project administrators. Personal information will not be dispersed to outside entities.

    Demographic Information

    This information helps us identify any trends or disparities in our project's outreach as we strive for equitable community representation.

    Artwork Submission

    The following questions are about the public artwork you would like to submit to the NEPA Public Art Map. Please provide as much information as possible.


    The following questions will give us feedback on how to strengthen our public outreach and communication.