In 2018, a small group of women artists and community activists got together with an interest in completing mural projects in Luzerne County, PA. Street Art Society of NEPA is a grassroots non-profit corporation that formed as a result. Street Art Society of NEPA’s mission is to improve the aesthetic, cultural, and investment value of communities in Northeastern Pennsylvania by initiating and coordinating the completion of public artworks within those communities.

The vision of SAS NEPA is to develop a forward-thinking attitude and awareness of the power of visual art among residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Whether it is a mural, sculpture, community garden, or labyrinth, the goal is to connect people with their environment.

Board of Directors

Jenna Casaldi is an artist and muralist who has dedicated her time toward coordinating various aspects of the West Side Mural Revitalization Project. She has a master’s degree in Art Education, has served on the board of PAEA as a regional representative, and has nearly 20 years of teaching experience. As President and one of the founding members of SAS NEPA, she has volunteered countless hours toward supporting other artists throughout their process of creating beautiful and inspiring works of public art for our local communities. Her role in helping to bring various aspects of the projects together; from behind-the-scenes organization to hands-on management of logistics, has provided her with expertise and experience spanning a variety of mediums and techniques for mural creation including on-site assistance with aerosol, brush paint, and poly-tab installation. Jenna is a resident of Kingston, and in her spare time enjoys reading, spending time outdoors enjoying nature, and working through various writing and artistic pursuits. 

Amy Bezek is a multifaceted entrepreneur, photographer, and artist who radiates vibrant, positive energy and possesses a zest for life with passion. She resides with her fur baby, Babe Lunatic, in Edwardsville. As Vice President of the Street Art Society, she channels her passion for urban expression into vibrant creations. Alongside her artistic pursuits, Amy is also an advocate for natural healing, embodying a holistic approach to wellness in both her photography, art and lifestyle. Amy graduated from LCCC with multiple degrees in broadcasting communications, recording engineering and photography. Amy is a versatile photographer with a focus on portrait, commercial, drone, and underwater photography. Her photography studio and art gallery in Forty Fort serve as creative hubs for her work. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Amy is deeply committed to community service, volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters and supporting local non-profits and shelters through photography fundraisers. As an advocate for animal rights and environmental causes, she channels her passion into action, embodying her values as a pescatarian.

Maegan Zielinski currently works with nonprofits and businesses in NEPA to expand their social media, marketing, and operational needs. She is the Director of Operations at NEPA’rogi and Grassroots Development, her family’s local businesses in NEPA. Prior to this, Maegan spent the last 10 years in homeless services, advocating for the unhoused population. Her experience in the nonprofit world has given her a unique understanding of the needs and challenges faced by nonprofits, having once faced them herself. Maegan decided to use her advocacy skills to help nonprofits have a voice in their communities. An active member of the NEPA community, Maegan is involved in several boards and committees, including Street Art Society of NEPA, Rainbow Alliance (23’), and 570 Day. Maegan is a graduate of Leadership Northeast class of 2024 where her group “In This Togather” renovated the basement space of Gather Community Space. Maegan shares her life with her partner Matt and their two cats, Hufflepuff and Maeve. She enjoys biking, crafting, hiking, and traveling.

Lisa Murphy thinks, creates, and communicates through art, space, and imagery. She is an artist, researcher, and community practitioner with12 years of teaching experience in a public school setting. Currently, Lisa teaches visual arts at the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy. As a PhD candidate in the field of Community Engagement at Point Park University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Lisa is studying public art and its impact on communities. Lisa has painted both interior and exterior murals across Northeastern Pennsylvania while her personal artwork uses a wide range of experimental media such as collage, 3D printing, and assemblage to explore concepts related to mapping and cognition.  Lisa has served as a director on the board of SASNEPA for five years and is proud to work, live, and raise her family in NEPA.

Kevin Harger-Blizzard is a Property and Casualty Insurance expert with 14+ years of underwriting experience in worker’s compensation and strategic partnership relationship managing. He manages a team of underwriters that handle all aspects of commercial insurance operations at Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance. He grew up in Forty Fort, PA and currently resides in Shavertown, PA. Kevin graduated from King’s College with a degree in History with a Secondary Education certification. In 2021, he began organizing members of the community to plant close to 10,000 flower bulbs under a project titled “Bloomin’ Byways.” This group’s goal is to beautify the Back Mountain community. This continues to be a yearly initiative, and Kevin hopes to see it continue to grow. He was a graduate of Leadership Northeast class of 2022, and a member of “Team Beezy.” The group’s mission was to connect the community and kids through the arts. As a result of their fund-raising efforts, they installed a bee themed mural and interactive sculpture in downtown Wilkes-Barre, PA.  After Leadership Northeast graduation, Kevin joined the board of the Street Art Society of NEPA and helped successfully plan their first “Color Fun Walk Run” to raise needed funds for more public murals. He more recently joined a committee for Junior Achievement and is helping plan a Career Exploration Fair for high school students that is scheduled for Spring of 2023. “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” -Mahatma Gandhi

Whitney Lopuhovsky is a Real Estate Broker at M.E. Moore & Son Realtors in Kingston and has been serving Luzerne County and surrounds since 1998.  Whitney has a B.S. Degree in Business Management from Colorado State University as well as certifications in Advanced Instructional Techniques and Training.  She has a strong desire to help people become the most successful version of themselves and previously worked as a professional development trainer/facilitator both independently and through a corporate employer.  Whitney has been heavily involved in service organizations and projects from a young age starting with 4-H and FFA.  Growing up in Alaska, she has a love for the outdoors, camping, hiking, and all types of travel.  She moved to Swoyersville in 1994 after attending college in Colorado and continued her interest in community development by getting involved with the Luzerne County Board of Realtors, and volunteering for various service organizations.  She is currently a member, and past president of the Rotary Club of Kingston, and joined the Street Art Society of NEPA board in 2022.  She has been able to put her real estate and communication skills to work for the board in reaching out to building owners to secure sites for upcoming mural projects. Whitney is thrilled to be a part of this group and excited to see the area ‘coming alive’ through the colorful murals that SASNEPA has helped to bring to the county. 

From Wilkes-Barre, PA, Paige Edwards is a young artist, graphic designer, and muralist. Pursuing a career in art, she has a BFA in Digital Design and Media Art. As a fellow Board Member of SAS NEPA, Paige enjoys helping to coordinate and paint murals. Her typical artwork often emulates bold and graphic themes inspired by comic books and maximalism design. Along with volunteering with SAS NEPA, Paige can be found devoting her time to the 501st Garrison Carida, a themed organization that serves the community through programs like Make-A-Wish. In her free time, she continues to draw and also enjoys reading.