Empire Arcade

Completed July 2019 by Evan Lovett

Visiting the Mural Location

Empire Arcades and Home Amusements

509 Main St, Edwardsville, PA

Edwardsville is mainly a residential borough that is approximately 1.2 square miles. Although there is a commercial district with 3 major shopping centers in the borough, the main street is known for a its small businesses, a few legendary restaurants, and the famous Edwardsville Pierogi Festival. This mural is now an iconic feature of Main Street.

Featured Artist: Evan Lovett

Evan Lovett is a Philadelphia based professional artist with over fifteen years of experience in design, illustration, and large scale public art. 

Evan studied at the University of The Arts of Philadelphia concentrating in sculpture and illustration. Over the years, he combined his love for the two and has built a reputation and vast body of work in the form of public art with a focus on murals that can be found in every corner of the country.

Artist Evan Lovett