Day and Night

This bold and bright mural was created by local artist Monica Noelle Simon. From left to right, the mural begins with a night scene showing a crescent moon and owl, then transitions into a cheery day scene with a hummingbird and sun.

About the Artist

Monica Noelle Simon is a visual artist, poet, and community activist from Scranton, Pa. She explores fantasy worlds to escape the mundane through sketching, murals and paintings. Encouraging creativity and exploration in art is a main mission in her life as she has experienced firsthand the divine healing that can come with creation. She is dedicated to using art to uplift communities. In 2016, Monica launched #BeKindScranton, a campaign that uses chalk messages and street art to promote kindness in her local community. She looks forward to the future and the growth of street art in building stronger communities.

Visiting the Mural

Look for this pop of color at the corners of Short Street and Main Street in Edwardsville, PA!