Day and Night

This bold and bright mural was created by local artist Monica Noelle Simon. From left to right, the mural begins with a night scene showing a crescent moon and owl, then transitions into a cheery day scene with a hummingbird and sun.

About the Artist

Monica Noelle Simon is a visual artist, poet, and community activist from Scranton, Pa. She explores fantasy worlds to escape the mundane through sketching, murals and paintings. Encouraging creativity and exploration in art is a main mission in her life as she has experienced firsthand the divine healing that can come with creation. She is dedicated to using art to uplift communities. In 2016, Monica launched #BeKindScranton, a campaign that uses chalk messages and street art to promote kindness in her local community. She looks forward to the future and the growth of street art in building stronger communities.

Visiting the Mural

Look for this pop of color at the corners of Short Street and Main Street in Edwardsville, PA!

Amphibians of PA

Local artist Jamie Straw painted this mural on the Little Big Thinkers Learning Center in Edwardsville, PA. This mural, inspired by classic educational illustrations such as pages from encyclopedias or classroom posters, serves to bring awareness to the richness, diversity, and beauty of Northeastern Pennsylvania wildlife. Pictured are more than 15 species of amphibians native to Northeastern Pennsylvania, as well as native plants and fungi.

Visiting the Mural Location

Little Big Thinkers Learning Center

523 Main St, Edwardsville, PA

This mural is located at the intersection of Zerby Ave and Main Street in Edwardsville.

The Strange and Unusual

Completed October 2019 by Karilyn Alex

Visiting the Mural Location



The Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor featuring Steamy Hallows Coffee Shop

467 Wyoming Avenue, Kingston, PA

The Strange and Unusual is an Oddities Parlor that adds to the unique character of the West Side’s main drag of commercial activity, locally referred to as “The Ave.” Owner Josh Balz has always had an affinity for collecting “weird stuff.” Often spending much of his free time shopping around at local estate sales, flea markets, and antique stores all over the world, he began expanding his personal collection to excess. This led to the idea of opening an oddities parlor and he’s never looked back. Josh is a hardcore animal lover who strives to provide ethically-sourced and cruelty-free taxidermy, skulls, and bugs to his shoppers, most of which are priced affordably. The Strange and Unusual offers a sprawling selection of collectible items, gifts, furniture, and apparel at locations in Kingston and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Featured Artist: Karilyn Alex

“The NEPA Street Art Society has been a highly influential and instrumental part of incorporating new artistic endeavors in a community that benefits the positive influx of such projects.” 

Karilyn Alex

Karilyn Alex is a lifelong artist, who initially developed her skills from a young age with drawing and painting. Karilyn spent much of her adolescence questioning beauty and the dichotomies it presents, which presently plays a critical role in her current art. She is a graduate of Penn State University. During her collegiate career, she worked for The Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor where she explored the realm of macabre and unique specimens under Josh Balz and Ryan Malarkey. From there she began her tattoo apprenticeship in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Karilyn currently resides in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania with her fiancé Dan Vargo and several pet rats, tattooing full time at 570 Tattooing Company under Ron and Geena Russo. She enjoys tattooing nature, animals, insects, jewelry, baroque and intricate designs. Her future aspirations include incorporating her love of art and exploration/travel in the form of tattoo conventions and guest spots at different tattoo studios. At 570 Tattooing Company, she is further tailoring her craft to coincide with the desire to remain artistically limitless as far as medium, style, genre and themes.

Karilyn Alex Artist
Street Art Society Strange and Unusual Mural Artist Karilyn Alex

Jackson Hewitt

Completed September 2019 by Jason Kresock

Visiting the Mural

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

247 Wyoming Ave, Kingston, PA

This mural is on the southwest wall of the building and can be seen from your vehicle if traveling North on PA-11. This mural shows fireflies, which is the official state insect of Pennsylvania!

Featured Artist: Jason Kresock

Chuck’s Main St Diner

Completed August 2019 by Margaret Willis

Visiting The Mural

Chuck’s Main Street Diner

164 Main St, Luzerne, PA

This mural is located on the southeast wall of Chuck’s Diner on Main Street in Luzerne. Chuck’s Main Street Diner offers American fare with lunch specials that change daily! Main Street in Luzerne is a thriving part of town with many local businesses and restaurants.  Beyond Main Street there is a vibrant community of unique businesses–a hardware store, financial management, salons and spas, interior design, and many other specialty shops. Don’t forget to check out the Luzerne Merchants Association for more details.

Featured Artist: Margaret Willis

 “It was such a positive experience to paint in Luzerne and to connect with the people at Chuck’s Diner, neighboring businesses, and people walking or driving by, and I sincerely hope that more NEPA artists and neighborhoods will get to have such an opportunity in the future.”

Margaret Willis

Margaret (Maggie) Willis teaches studio art at Misericordia University in Dallas, PA. You can follow her at @maggiewillis_art. 

Margaret Willis

Adventure Awaits

Completed August 2019 by Eric Bussart

Visiting the Mural Location

Floor 4 Good

629 Market St, Kingston, PA

This mural is located on the northeast wall in the rear of the Floor 4 Good shop near the intersection of Market Street and Wyoming Avenue in Kingston. Floor 4 Good is a locally owned and operated flooring and carpeting shop. The mural is visible from Wyoming Avenue and the Walgreen’s parking lot. This unique inside corner location allowed the artist to create a subtle perspective illusion in the corner of the wall that makes the branch look like it comes straight across the corner.

Featured Artist: Eric Bussart

“I am a talented Illustrator obsessively pursuing self improvement. While I am based in Scranton, I also freelance in New York and Philadelphia. I genuinely love creating art, and I take the work very seriously. When I am fully immersed in drawing the process becomes meditative. I am constantly striving to push the limits of my abilities. I bring my full professionalism, effort and heart to every job I take, regardless of the client, size or pricing. At the end of the day, my main concern is to create beautiful, skillful and honest illustrations.”

Eric Bussart  

Eric Bussart at Work
Mural Artist Eric Bussart Work on his Adventure Awaits mural.

Empire Arcade

Completed July 2019 by Evan Lovett

Visiting the Mural Location

Empire Arcades and Home Amusements

509 Main St, Edwardsville, PA

Edwardsville is mainly a residential borough that is approximately 1.2 square miles. Although there is a commercial district with 3 major shopping centers in the borough, the main street is known for a its small businesses, a few legendary restaurants, and the famous Edwardsville Pierogi Festival. This mural is now an iconic feature of Main Street.

Featured Artist: Evan Lovett

Evan Lovett is a Philadelphia based professional artist with over fifteen years of experience in design, illustration, and large scale public art. 

Evan studied at the University of The Arts of Philadelphia concentrating in sculpture and illustration. Over the years, he combined his love for the two and has built a reputation and vast body of work in the form of public art with a focus on murals that can be found in every corner of the country.

Artist Evan Lovett